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You will grow before the earth leaves.
Tho, you may be facing the night of day,
Don't close those marvelous dreams
The look of success you convey.
Patiently, I watch you waiting.
For a hard place to make a mark,
To receive what has been kept,
You will be the needed spark
In the right direction is what you take.
Winter is moving far... far... now.
I feel the snow melting outside.
As you press forward I humbly bow
Through his power all things are made.
Always, thirsting to fast for his sake,
Like chasing haste above a horizon,
Your peace will become opaque
You will grow before the earth leaves.
A era of light which transcends time
The palm which heals each charred soul.
Because you are truly divine.

By Jessica Hughes (Jh Poetry)
Posted July 25, 2011 on Facebook
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Diary of a Teeny Bopper
Teens are dreadful creatures.
Those horror flicks that keep
you up, jumpy, hop right out
of your skin type. They are
little evils , festering into adulthood.
Nothing like us at all. The carefree,
loving teenyboppers we were.
Adhesive our hearts, minds closed
to radical stuff. Unless, it was my
first taste of alcohol, puff of weed.
Maybe the occasional smooch
in the back seat of a Mustang GT.
After an R&B concert of course.
One for you and one for me.
If I had it, than you had it too.
Occasionally, we might have
been considered rude, teasers
but we were just trying to fit in
and get out of high school quick.
It's not pleasant sitting on the
gym floor during pep rallies or
standing up on an overcrowded bus.
Long tresses drooping from sweaty
exhaustion. However, there was
more positive energy in storage.
A brighter outlook as far as the
horizon. Shooot! A brief talk with the
old lady sitting in the Lazy Boy chair,
watching T.V. and it was off to meet
you, him, or them. We hung out like
a bunch of freckles at our favorite spot.
Well, until the cops would come
and chase us off. (pigs)
There was soul searching for
something... As we made land marks
instead of looking for them. Scantly,
escaping everything so we thought.
The pedophiles, perverted people
we barely noticed on our youthful journey.
Remember the time I had my
first "hangover" If not , I remember
when you caught your first STD.
Thank goodness it was treatable
or else! We wrote the lyrics to
"ride or die" but just didn't know it.
Nowadays, things are so different.
Home is not home, but an asylum.
Children are still bizarre to me.
And adults are more hateful than ever.
It seems as if I'm always losing now.
I stopped gambling, it was costing
me a living. Hmm, after you boarded
the Titanic with the love of your life;
which turned out to be a freaking
nightmare. I had my first child. Wow!
Sometimes I don't care anymore.
I close my door and vanish like a
stubborn canker sore.
Seasons have a reason, so people say.
It's no longer about us brats, cats,
this or that... getting fat because
nobody cares anyway. Life has turned
stale as molded bread.
I lost myself somewhere___
Did you ever find you? I wonder___
It's been some years since we
burned our bridges. This is where
the line is drawn in the sand.
I'm not kidding around anymore.
Life is much serious and I have
become sadly mistaken.
You see, I have my own reality
but I've been reeled into this franticsy.
Hell! We didn't make choices back then.
Choices chose us....
Does it mean, we're not as foolish?
Oh Yea! Whatever happen to the
other two girls? They're probably living
out their dreams in some nice
suburban city. Is it our fault? I have to
blame you. You were the oldest of us all.
Yep, but I was a street smart girl in
the country. How bout that!
Cry```Cry``` Cry```
Most of my days, some, a few
until there is nothing left.
Happiness! Happiness!
Where is the sun today?
It's cloudy and gray outside.
The forecast is calling for thunder
showers all day.
By Jessica Hughes (Jh Poetry)
Posted July 11, 2011 on Facebook
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Thank you, Jessica, for allowing me to share your incredible poetry!
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