Monday, July 25, 2011

Subliminal Perception


subliminal perception

The sunlight wakes the dormant life
The mind it struggles with the strife
A phoenix moves with wondrous eyes
The fire grows with binding ties

A stranger he waves
His smile is bright
Remembering this on the edge of night

The moonlight glows
A ghost I see
Beyond . . . my realm of reality

A spiritual muse
Entices me in
Away from a world where I've always been

Playing with fire
Riding the wave
I still can't seem, to change my day

Is it all in my head?
Is it real -- is it not
Am I totally ready to change the plot?

Copyright©2010 Holly Spencer. All rights reserved.

A Kiss Goodnight

You dark and sinister bastard
Why did you visit me that way?
I didn't see you coming on that unsuspecting day.
I never heard a word from you,
Nor did I feel your breath.
I didn't see you watching me while I lay there at rest.
You waited there for a moment right
And then you made your move.
You leaned in for the kiss of death
And surely I would swoon.
I don't know why you changed your mind, nor do I really care.
A stolen kiss to take my soul
Is just too much to bear.
Be gone with you, do not come back I have my life to live.
Some day when I am old and gray
That kiss you then can give.

Copyright©2011 Holly Spencer. All rights reserved.
posted on Almost Dead Poets Society, July 23, 2011, Facebook

In Spite of it All

I fall in love with you
In spite of myself
Everything you do
My eyes in awe --
Yet everything I do
You opaquely disregard
Now you've weaved a web
And drawn me in
And love me every now and then
You are my master
I am your pawn
I make no move
Without your command
You love me, yes?
As you do say
Or love this game
With me you play
Why do I love this game
In spite of myself?

Copyright©2011 Holly Spencer. All rights reserved.
posted on Almost Dead Poets Society, July 23, 2011, Facebook

Just don't know what to say.
You're the topic of the day
Had the power in your hand
To abuse all over the land
Ok so you were elected
And your wife you soon neglected
Reality -- so does bite
So you trip to cyber night
All the virtual pretty girls
Got YOUR head all in a swirl
Stick your finger in the pie
Then tell a mountain full of lies
Next time you show your dick
Don't be such a twit
Learn -- a little -- computer savvy
So we all miss -- MR. HAPPY.

Copyright©2011 Holly Spencer. All rights reserved.
Sunday Nite Poetry Chill & Thrill, June 26, 2011