Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Eden

by Dawn Pisturino
O, would the gaiety of summer last forever,
I would lie content in the summer sun,
Lazing away the hours in pleasant dreams,
Drifting, ever drifting, into nothingness;
And I would not weep for lost tomorrows
Or mourn the passing of yesterdays,
For blue skies are forever,
Timeless, changeless, infinite;
And I would not weep for the passing of love,
For love is a flighty thing,
Lofty and intangible,
And difficult to possess;
But give me a whole wide world of bright todays,
And I will be happy!
Give me the sun at my back
And the earth at my feet,
And I will not cry,
For these things are beautiful
And easy to touch.
Let me live my life in the Eden
Of God's creation --
I will be content to die.

July 31, 1986

Copyright ©2011 Dawn Pisturino. All Rights Reserved.