Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Butterfly, Butterfly

by Dawn Pisturino
For my daughter Ariel
Butterfly, Butterfly,
Dappled with red,
Night-time is coming,
Fly home to your bed!
The white moon is rising,
He hasn't a care;
The bright stars are shining,
Reflecting him there.
Oh, Butterfly, Butterfly,
What shall you do?
If darkness enfolds you,
How will you get through?
Fly home on a moonbeam,
Guided by stars,
Or maybe such planets
As Venus and Mars?
Or, drifting along on a
Sweet summer breeze,
You'll land where you want
And do as you please?
Float down on a flower,
The sweet nectar there,
Drawing you inward
And filling the air?
You'll suck up your supper,
Then lay down to sleep,
Your wings folded neatly,
Their beauty to keep.
And when, in the morning,
You suddenly wake,
The sun will be rising,
A new day will break.
Then, Butterfly, Butterfly,
Fly away home!
Or follow your instincts
To wander and roam.
But come again - do! -
If you happen this way,
Night-time or daytime
Or any old day!
February 8, 1986
This poem was set to music by composer and film maker Barry Gremillion and recorded in October 2013 by Barry Gremillion and Ariel Pisturino.
Thanks, Ariel and Barry!

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