Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Remember You

by Dawn Pisturino
I remember you:
Those violet eyes that any girl would envy;
The full lips curled into a boyish smile;
The long, tapered fingers and moist, warm hands.
Yes, I remember you,
For I loved you with all the romance
Of girlish dreams,
And whiled away the hours thinking only of you.
I lived for the simple touch of your hand
And sighed for a single kiss from your lips
And died for a kindly smile in those eyes,
O foolish dreamer that I was!
But my dream was more real to me than life itself,
And I hungered to wed dream to reality.
If you ever knew - or dared to know - my love for you,
It was not apparent in the course of time,
And O! how I wept the bitter tears of unrequited love --
That Great Enemy of adolescence which betrays the heart so well!
Yes, I remember you;
If you would but remember me as a simple child,
I would be happy.
July 29, 1986
"Rosemary for Remembrance"
BIO:  Dawn Pisturino's poems, limericks, short stories, and articles have appeared in/on Danse Macabre du Jour, Brooklyn Voice, Underneath the Juniper Tree, Working Writer, and several newspapers and anthologies. She currently resides in Arizona.

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