Friday, April 27, 2012


by Dawn Pisturino
Wind, wind, holler and cry,
The windows are shaking, the doors want to fly!
The old tree is creaking, it surely must fall;
The chimney is cracking, bricks, mortar and all!
How everything shudders! I mustn't delay:
We have, it would seem, a tornado today.

May 3, 1986

Au Vent                                                             To the Wind
Souffles, O vent,                                                Blow, O wind,
Dis à mon oreille                                               Speak into my ear
Un doux mot d’amour;                                     A sweet word of love;
Emportes mes rêves,                                         Carry away my dreams,
Rapportes mes souhaits,                                   Bring back my wishes,
Et n’oublies pas, pour toujours,                       And don’t forget, always,
Ὰ chanter une belle chanson.                            To sing a beautiful song.

5 mai 1985                                                            May 5, 1985

pour mon ami, J.J.                                              for my friend, J.J.

Paris, France                                                        Paris, France
 Copyright 2012 Dawn Pisturino. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I like when you post your poems...did you have a recent windy day?

  2. Thanks, Holly! Where I live, we have more windy days than calm ones.