Saturday, March 31, 2012

Christ's Sorrow

by Dawn Pisturino
A Sonnet

I was not born for pleasure but for pain;
For blood and thorns and thirst beneath the sun;
And ev'ry man who doubts I am the One
Has lost the only treasure he could gain.
Blasted with hate, betrayed, and marked like Caine,
My fate was sealed; nor was there place to run.
Standing trial and defended by none,
The case was clear; acquittal was in vain.
You hung me high; you nailed me to the cross;
On either side, the outcasts hung with me.
O enemies mine, I died on that hill
With bitterest gall; but mourn not my loss:
You have helped fulfill my great destiny.
My pain is this:--You do not love me still.

September 16, 1986

Won Honorable Mention in New Golden Poetry Contest, World of Poetry. Published in New American Poetry Anthology, 1988. Won 1988 GOLDEN POET AWARD.

Copyright 2012 Dawn Pisturino. All Rights Reserved.



  1. Happy Easter! This is quite simply fantastic!

  2. You are an awesome poet. I love the line "On either side, the outcasts hung with me." Wow. Thank you for putting my poem "Children of Summertide" on your Fairies and Elves board. That is so kool of you!! Marianne McBride

    1. Thanks, Marianne, you are too kind. Your poem is lovely. I also pinned it to my Belles-Lettres board. Happy writing and pinning!