Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cat and Ghost Game

by Dawn Pisturino

It was strange
The way the candle light
Seemed to bounce across the ceiling,
In leaps and bounds,
Like a playful poltergeist
Putting on a show.
In the background,
Where we sat,
The eerie black shadows
Seemed to lie in wait,
Like a big black cat,
Ready to pounce
At any moment
On the poor elusive spirit.
We waited anxiously on the sofa,
A silent audience,
And watched the cat and ghost
Game before us.
The cat lay still before the dancing ghost,
Licked its lips as it watched its prey
Dance closer and closer to Death,
Raised its haunches, flicked its tail,
And with one subtle gust of breath,
Pounced suddenly and completely
Atop the overconfident ghost,
Extinguishing it forever.
We smiled, then closed our lips, drew close,
And pressed them hard together.
Beneath the warm black darkness
Which covered us, like a blanket.
Alone at last, we sniffed
The lingering odor of scented wax
And began a new game, called love.


Copyright 2012 Dawn Pisturino. All Rights Reserved.