Tuesday, October 4, 2011


by Ariel Pisturino

The ghosts are out doing their tricks.
The werewolf is howling.
The bats are scowling,
The goblins creeping,
The witches at their brew,
The cats meowing.
The pumpkins are glowing.
It's a HALLOWEEN NIGHT! for you.

                                                      Age 9 years
                        Published in Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans, 1994

Don't Cry for Me

You know I'm dying,
No one's crying,
They aren't even trying,
But now I'm flying,
To another world,
Away from you.

I am gone,
But all is done,
And I have won,
To fly away,
With my wings.

I am here,
It is clear,
One last tear.

Don't look back,
But now I lack,
But I'm still here,
It is all clear.

Age 13 years
Published in Chasing the Wind Anthology, 1997


I fly through the air
On God's hand of Truth;
I fly like an eagle
On the hand of God,
For He has touched me
And made me wise;
For I can see hatred
In people's hearts,
I can see love too.
The people who have hatred
In their hearts,
They have not been kissed
By the wind of God.

I play on the beach
While God's light
Shines upon me,
While I dance,
In the moonlight,
The clouds race by;
The moon watches me
Like a big watchman
While I fall asleep
In the cool sand
And dream dreams
Of the truth.

Age 13 years
Published in A Treasury of Famous Poems, 1997

BIO:  A graduate of the University of Southern California, Ariel Pisturino holds a Master's Degree in Vocal Music. She has performed with the Long Beach Opera, The Repertory Opera Company of Pomona, Martinez Opera, and the Pacific Opera Project. She can be found at www.arielpisturino.com.
"Don Giovanni" Rehearsal clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP8FcFQXusY

Copyright 2011 Ariel Pisturino. All Rights Reserved.

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